Soul Lake – afterimage

Soul Lake – afterimage

©2014 Mongrel Label

album notes:
Looking within. Infinity of tones, shades … Yesterday stopped in the shadows of trees. Reflected on waves. Yesterday. Today escaping from pain. Dream. The touch of hand, you know it well. Before you open your eyes again, you’ll see the picture.

The album “Soul Lake – afterimage” was inspired by Arcadius Mauritz photographic project entitled “Soul Lake”. Arcadius created a series of portraits of women, in which he tried to convey the essence of femininity. Yossarian Malewski after seeing this project decided to “paint” the place where the “Souls Lake” is.

Songs on the album lead us to important places – starting from the entrance to the valley through the house, the beach and the pier where we meet a woman. But the most important is hidden beneath the waters of Soul Lake. And there takes us to highlight the song “Deep below the surface”. But a visit to the depths is really the beginning of the trip and is listening to the subsequent closing tracks is most important. Because it means hope for change, hope for others tomorrow.

Soul Lake – afterimage tmore than an hour of music that takes the listener on a journey into the depths of yourself. Anyone who can trust the creator and give the lead into the unknown territory of the return of the expedition richer if not transformed.

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